How to Engage Customers about Print

Our MSP Referral Partners frequently ask us: How can we get our customers interested in talking about print?

The purpose of this page is to help you understand a few simple ways that you can engage the conversation and incorporate it into your routine so you can maximize the value you can get from the relationship with Print Partner.

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On the Fly…

When you’re in the midst of an everyday conversation with a client, you can use these two great approaches

The Simple Ask

There are many ways that you can engage your customer base about print during routine conversations. The easiest way is to simply ask:

“How are things going with your current print vendor?”

I know it sounds dumb, but trust me: You’ll likely open up a little bit of pain to talk about.

From there, if it seems appropriate, you can just say that you have a preferred print vendor that would be happy to audit your print environment and give you a fresh look at your total print costs. At no cost.

Post-Covid Audit

This one garners a lot of introductions: Your customers probably have not audited their print since before Covid and are likely paying more for print than they are actually using. We ask this simple question:

“Have you audited your print since Covid began?”

If they say no, you can ask if they think they are printing more or less since Covid began. If they say less, which is typical of many companies, you can let them know you have a preferred print vendor that can help them right-size their print spend to match post-covid demand.

Structured Approaches

Stop letting random print vendors into your client environments with these two structured approaches:

Quarterly Business Review

If you or your Account/Sales Managers want to introduce print as a topic, it’s super easy to get it built into a Quarterly Business Review (QBR). There are two ways:

You can just create a slide for your QBR deck that asks about print:

  • Who is your print vendor?
  • When does your agreement expire?
  • Are you happy with your print vendor?
  • Would you be interested in a free print audit from our preferred print vendor?

QBR + Scorecard

Same as the Quarterly Business Review, but if you have us create a print discovery agent for you to install in their environment, you can use the resulting Print Scorecard that we create for you after two weeks of it running as a conversation piece / slide in your deck. It’s usually super effective.

The cool thing about the print scorecard is that it gives your client a pretty clear picture of their total print spend, not just the spend on their copier agreements. It’s probably the best way to get your customer interested in talking about print with us, and usually leads to a request for an introduction.

What is the best way to make the introduction?

First things first: You have to register the deal before anything else. Check out the Deal Registration link above. After you register the deal, our team will review the opportunity, assign a rep to your MSP and within one business day you will get a call back to briefly discuss the opportunity. The rep will then guide you on how to make an introduction, which usually is one of the following:


“Dear Mr / Mrs customer,

Thanks for letting us know you’re interested in talking about print (or performing a print audit, etc) – I’m copying (Jim) from our preferred print vendor on this email, maybe they might be able to help you out.




Once you have talked with the customer and know they are interested in talking more, you can just let our sales rep know that your customer is expecting a call from him/her and off they go.

Smoke Signal

For remote customers, smoke signal works best. Light a hot fire, gather some green branches, sulphur and a wet blanket. Throw the branches and sulphur on the fire and then use the wet blanket to cover the smoking fire until no smoke comes out, then rapidly release the smoke, covering it back up shortly after release. Aim for the shape of a dollar sign with the release of the smoke, that way we will know you mean business.

¡Muy Importante!

Shhh! When making an introduction, please do not copy anybody! We don’t want to share our private relationship with your clients… They don’t need to know you’re making money on print deals. You should only make introductions to employees of Green Office Partner, our parent company. When we pair you up with an MSP, we make this clear to you, but we wanted to mention it here as well, just in case.

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