How does it work?

How does the referral program work?

In a nutshell: All businesses use/need print solutions. You refer us to your clients when appropriate and we try to sell them a copier/printer or take over their existing print environment. Once they agree to meet with us, we pay you $250 for the introduction. If we reach an agreement with your client, we pay you $1,000 for every 11x17 copier sold and 5% recurring revenue on print allotment, evergreen.

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On this page we will lay out how the referral program works. But first, it might make sense to describe what an ideal referral looks like so you can maximize value.

An Ideal Referral

As an MSP, you know that not every opportunity is worth pursuing. Your business has an ideal profile for a new client and so do we. Since we pay you $1,000 for every 11x17 copier sold, this would be an ideal component of any introduction.

An example of a great referral would be for you to introduce us to a client who has a robust print environment with multiple 11x17 print devices and a bunch of one-off printers, is disappointed with their print vendor and needs to replace their equipment within the next twelve months.

That said, we will gladly pay you $250 for an introduction to a client who doesn’t fit that exact profile if it gives us an opportunity to develop the relationship and sell to them in a year or two, or to take over managed print on the rest of their fleet while we wait for their current contract to end. 

How EXACTLY does the referral program work?

There are two different ways that we work with our MSP referral partners. Expand either option below to see more:



Q: Do I need to sell anything?
A: No. You do not need to do anything more than tell us about an opportunity, help us learn a bit about the client and make an introduction.

Q: What if I make an introduction and you sell something in a year or two, will I still get paid?
A: YES. You earn commission for the life of the relationship that we establish with the client. If we sell something and pay you, then three years later we sell something else, you will get paid again... and again... If print allotments go up, you get paid more. You don't have to do anything to reap this benefit.

Q: Why would I want to do this?
A: What we are doing is going to become a standard for all MSP in the United States. Print is an obvious gap in the MSP playbook, and to partner with a trusted resource to handle print for you is a no-brainer way to increase your revenue, look good to your client and protect your business.

Q: What if I have a client who just needs a replacement inkjet printer and nothing else?
A: You should recommend the best printer you can for them to purchase - there is not any opportunity for either of us in that scenario, and it won't make sense for us to pay your MSP $250 for an introduction to sell a $150 printer.

Q: What if you pay me $250 to make an introduction and you don't get a sale?
A: We know that not every opportunity is going to be a sale, so no worries - we still want to work with you. Just try again!

 Q: Do you guys handle toner replacement?
A: YES. This is a cornerstone of managed print. Whether it's for a single copier or an entire fleet of 500 print devices, we make sure that your client has at least one spare toner/ink available. It's all automated.

Q: Do you guys handle paper replacement?
A: NO. Companies are responsible for ordering their own paper products.

Q: Will you guys dispose of my client's old copier?
A: YES. After installing a new copier, we have a playbook for any activity associated with copiers: Install, move, remove, beat it with a bat, etc.

Q: Will you guys start spamming me with emails once I sign up?
A: NO. Other than correspondence regarding any opportunities, we will only send you one or two emails per month to remind you that we are here: The biggest risk to the success of this program is when our referral partners forget about us. We are not a partner that many MSP will be working with on a weekly basis, sometimes you'll only engage us a couple of times a year. We just want to be top of mind when an opportunity arises.

Q: How do I get paid commissions?
A: For the intro, we send you a $250 Amazon gift card the same day that we secure an appointment with the company/person you introduced us to. Once the sale is made, we will mail you the big commission check by the 15th of the month following a signed "Delivery and Receipt" acknowledging all components have been properly delivered/installed/trained/etc.

Q: How do I get paid recurring revenue on service/print allotment?
A: We cheat a little bit here: Instead of writing a check every month, we pay a year's worth of recurring revenue up front, all at once. Since we already know what the total amount will be for the year, no reason to break it up into separate payments. The first check is prorated for the year that the deal was made. Future checks are sent in January of each year.

Q: What is the smallest opportunity that I can make money off of?
A: We recommend that you always lead with an opportunity that has at least one copier in the mix. 

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