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Three Core Benefits of Managed Print Services

Additional Revenue

We pay generous commissions to MSP for introducing us to their clients and allowing us the opportunity to pursue a managed print services sale. We pay you at least $250 just for an introduction whether they buy or not. If they decide to work with us, we pay you $1,000 for every copier sold in the deal and 5% recurring revenue for the annual print allotment. For the life of the client relationship.

Enhanced Protection

We protect MSP from having other random print vendors operating in their client space: Many managed print vendors also offer MSP services and use the print business as a feeder for their MSP services. Since we don’t offer MSP services, there is no risk of us poaching your client. We sign a 100 year non-compete with the MSP when they sign up.

Client Support

We collaborate with the MSP on the installation and support of the print devices. Where most MSP don’t know any of the print vendors that operate in their client base and bounce their clients between their help desk and the print vendor’s help desk, we collaborate with the MSP and pull them in when the client calls for help, reducing the amount of time for both parties to resolve the issue and more importantly, providing a better customer experience for our shared customer.

We Close the Gap Between MSP & Print Services

MSP have shown us nothing short of 100% appreciation for what we are bringing to the market. We are literally the FIRST IN THIS SPACE. We are the only vendor offering MSP not only relief from the headache of print but giving them hope that supporting printers may become easier with us AND they can get paid very handsomely as well.

Example: We closed a $140k deal for an MSP referral partner. They introduced the deal in Feb, 2021 and we closed it in April, 2021. It took no more than three hours of the MSP’s time in total to talk about the deal with us, make the introduction, then help answer a few questions for us along the way. He will make about $4k on this opportunity in hardware commission plus 5% of the annual allotment which will total out around $1,800 per year.


Print Services That Pay

We are the only partner you will have that pays YOU to work with us!

  • Build a new revenue stream for you or your MSP from your client’s printers and copiers.
  • Protect your business from managed print companies that also offer MSP services.
  • Offset the annual cost of your MSP bill by reducing your client’s print spend.
  • Reduce the amount of time your support team spends on print related help desk calls.
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Just Some Mind-Blowing Facts

  • Most companies don’t track print costs.

  • Your L1 team is spending ~10% of its time on printing issues.

  • Document costs represent between 5-15% of your client’s revenue.

  • Print Partner can help reduce your client’s operating costs up to 30%!

All your team has to do is make an introduction when the time is right.

Our Green Office Partner team does the rest: sales, service, installation, support and replenishment. What more could you ask for?

Develop a Trusted Relationship with a Managed Print Services Company

Check out these kind words from some of our highly valued partners.

I earned $6,000 just by introducing a small client. They’re happy so I’m happy!
Juan Carlos, CIO Landing
I have never experienced amazing customer service like I have from your firm.

Jeremy Huson, Carden IT Services
Print Partner fills a huge void in the market. I could not be happier with this partnership!
Scott Sanders, IT Business Owners Group
Copier companies were stealing my clients… Now print is a revenue stream.
Matt Kaseeska, Networks Consulting Resources

We create a “Print Scorecard” that you can use in your next QBR.

With our print discovery tool, we can conduct a remote study of your client’s print environment and provide you with information that can help you understand the value that we create: both for you as well as your client.

This is a pure win/win opportunity for all involved.

“Our goal is to help your MSP add significant passive revenue, kick out other managed print vendors from your client base that might be trying to sell MSP services, streamline print support, and to reduce your client’s print spend. These are the same benefits I enjoyed for ten years while running my own MSP before joining Print Partner.”

– Mitch Kranitz, MSP Channel Manager

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