We are excited to share with the MSPs Я Us community our latest promotion…

If we sign a deal with your client, you’ll also get paid our standard $1,000 for every copier we sell
plus 5% recurring revenue of the print allotment for the life of the agreement.

The problem

Many companies signed up for print agreements before Covid hit. Since then, their print needs have likely changed drastically. Significantly lower usage.

Despite the fact that they are printing way less, most companies have not considered that they are still paying a premium for print based on an agreement that never took Covid into consideration.

The solution

We want MSP to engage their customers about print. We also want MSP to profit from print. This is a perfect opportunity for your MSP to look like a hero by introducing what will likely be an eye-opening, cost-saving solution that will offset your MSP costs.

See the example email template below that you can send to your clients to see if they would be interested in talking

How to engage your customers to talk about this

Simply cut and paste any variation of the email below and send it to your clients to see if we can help them save money on print

We simply ask that you target clients with over 20 employees or who you know have a robust print environment.


Subject: Audit your print spend?

Dear <CFO/CEO Name Here>:

We are constantly looking for ways to save our clients money, and because of Covid we know fewer employees are in the office… not using their expensive copier allotment. The problem is solved with a simple audit.

Below is an example of a 50 person law firm that signed an all-inclusive managed print agreement years ago @ $4,249/month with a HUGE print allotment included. Print has drastically decreased, so this law firm was thrilled when they learned their monthly bill would be cut by 75% after right-sizing the agreement.

Interested in this no cost print audit? If so, I need two things:

1) A copy of your existing copier contract (also called managed print services).

2) A thirty-minute meeting with our colleagues at Green Office Partner to discuss your current vs. future monthly print expenditure.

Kind regards,

<Your signature>

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