Partner Spotlight: Carden IT Services

“We have loved working with Print Partner. The customers we have brought them into have always been impressed and from an MSP side they are so easy to work with and a real professional organization with a ‘can do’ attitude.

We had so many issues with other copier companies over the years and now I no longer have to worry, which means we are opening up another revenue stream in our business and keeping the customers even stickier.”

Jeremy Huson, Carden IT Services

For over ten years, Carden IT has been providing a wide range of top-tier Managed Services for a customers in many verticals. Carden IT began in the UK and has branched out to an office in New York, with customers located all over the country.

Presently supporting over 260 customers across “both sides of the pond”, Carden IT has partnered with Print Partner as their go-to vendor for all things print in the USA.

Carden IT is one of Print Partner’s most tenured MSP Referral Partners and has brought multiple deals to our team. We’ve won some, we’ve lost some. Each time, however, Carden has experienced the benefits of having a managed print services partner that they can trust.

Jeremy Huson

Jeremy Huson
Director at Carden IT Services

If you’ve browsed any MSP related Facebook groups, you probably have run into Jeremy’s helpful posts across a wide array of MSP topics. We often wonder if he figured out how to clone himself due to his “being on top of everything, everywhere, all the time”…

Jeremy is the primary source of Print Partner opportunities from Carden IT. He has a great ability to tune into an opportunity in his client environment and flip it over to Print Partner at the right moment. The fact that his clients love working with him (and they love his British accent) makes it super easy for our sales team to connect with the folks he introduces us to.

Originally hailing from the UK, Jeremy manages the Telecoms and Sales divisions at the US Carden IT headquarters in New York City. His extensive experience in delivering complex solutions on time and on budget have helped Carden IT’s growth. Helping customers grow, become more efficient and save money through the use of our solutions is what Jeremy is passionate about.

Case Study: University customer

For the first deal that Carden’s offered Print Partner was for a prominent university (Top ten worldwide) that was asking for advice about a print solution for a branch office located in New York City. Jeremy was in dialogue with this customer when they made the request and he suggested that Carden has a trusted print vendor that they partner with and that he would be happy to make the introduction.

Jeremy called Mitch at Print Partner and let him know about the opportunity. From there, Mitch assigned Caroline, a sales rep from our parent company, Green Office Partner, to be assigned to Carden IT and work with this and all other opportunities that Carden brings our way.

After a quick conversation between Caroline and Jeremy about the client opportunity, Jeremy sent along an email to the client, introducing them to Caroline. Caroline then met with the customer and learned all about their business requirements and obtained their pain points with regards to print. Through dialogue with the customer, Caroline was able to uncover that the solution they needed was more than they initially thought and after getting their buy-in on a budget and final requirements, was able to provide them with a solution that clearly met their needs and they quickly signed off on a five year agreement.

Bottom line: The customer that Carden IT introduced us to got the right-fit solution and a relationship with a quality print vendor for a reasonable price. Carden got rewarded with commissions, ongoing collaboration on the print side and protection from other print vendors that are also MSP.

Thank you, Jeremy and Carden IT, for being excellent partners! We value all that you bring to the MSP Community as well as the opportunities you bring to our team. 🥂