Partner Spotlight: MIS Choice

“Print Partner saved my life! I was stranded on the side of a mountain with nothing to eat but the frozen leg of a gazelle. PP Came along and saved my ass!.”

Kevin Hughes, MIS Choice

MIS Choice, Inc is a boutique IT and Cloud service provider that offers premium solutions to multiple industries. Established in Mount Prospect, Illinois in 1999, they have over two decades of experience servicing small and medium sized businesses in the Chicagoland area and across the nation.

Jeremy Huson

Kevin Hughes
Sales and Business Development Manager at MIS Choice

Always coming in hot with a winning smile and great vibe, Kevin has been responsible for sales and business development at MIS Choice for over seven years. He is clearly passionate about what he does.

Kevin is on the hook for partner and vendor relationships, he’s in charge of the sales team and is responsible for new business acquisitions. He’s constantly on the lookout for opportunities to expand their client base and bring in significant new recurring revenue for MIS Choice.

It didn’t take Kevin long to connect the dots on how Print Partner can benefit both MIS Choice and his customers, and has been steadily bringing opportunities our way.

Case Study: Healthcare customer

MIS Choice has a long time healthcare customer with multiple locations and a complex print environment consisting of thirty eight devices, multiple vendor relationships and a different blend of manufacturers at each location. Needless to say, things had grown difficult to manage.

Kevin connected with Print Partner and explained the situation. He indicated that he could make the introduction but the customer wasn’t necessarily interested in making a change at the present moment.

Since this was a larger opportunity, we not only assigned one of our sales reps to it but we also assigned a senior executive from the leadership team. This is standard process for all larger or complicated opportunities because two sets of eyes and ears is better than one and gains better results.

We went on site visits, met with their leadership team, met with managers throughout their business and conducted a remarkable print audit / assessment for them to understand what their current environment and print spend looked like. Not only were they blown away by how much they were actually spending on print, but when they could see the bird’s eye view of how many different hands, makes, models and inefficiencies were part of that expense, they quickly asked for our recommendation, which they accepted in short order.

Bottom line: While we are finalizing the deal for the third and final site, within four months of the introduction, we will have replaced all core copier technology throughout the business and have taken under management all viable desktop printers, replacing the older ones with quality Xerox product. We will save this company thousands per year in print costs, provide automatic replenishment, standardization and a single neck to choke with all print related issues.

MIS Choice benefitted from this in three ways: They have a PARTNER in print where there was a random vendor in place before. They are protected from having a print vendor in their client environment that might also try to sell them MSP services. Finally, a healthy commission is something that any MSP appreciates!

Thank you, Kevin and MIS Choice, for choosing to partner with us! The deals you introduce us to are incredible, your customers are great to work with and we are so grateful to have your trust. Here’s to years of collaboration! 💥