Partner Spotlight: Reliable IT & Computer

“Print Partner and Mitch are the most MSP friendy partner I have ever worked with. Not only are they good for me as a partner, but they take excellent care of my clients and are attentive to their specific needs and requirements”

Reliable IT & Computer was established in 2019, though it’s founder has been active in the MSP space since 2004, starting out as a one-man IT shop. They are located in Northern Florida and provide support to many businesses in and around Suwannee County.

Reliable IT not only provides Managed IT support but they also offer a wider range of IT related services such as structured cabling and security camera installation.

Through our interactions with Reliable IT’s clients, one thing is clear: They all greatly value the work that Reliable IT & Computer provides them and consider them to be critical to the success of their mission.

Jeremy Huson

Braxton Koon
Owner of Reliable IT & Computer

Taking care of business since 2004, Braxton has a keen business sense and knack for all things tech.

Braxton was quick to understand the value that Print Partner brings to the MSP space and during the introductory call, made it clear that he knew how to make the model work for his business. He clearly does.

Not only does Braxton consider his current client base for opportunities but he also keeps his ears perked for any opportunities in his community: He’s on top of who the other local print vendors are and if he hears of one going out of business, we are sure to see some of their clients come into our queue!

Case Study: Senior Services Nonprofit

Reliable IT has a client whose beautiful mission is to assist adults age 60+ in maintaining their physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional health needs. They strive to reinvigorate a person’s feelings of usefulness, and their capacity to celebrate life and socialization. During a conversation with the client, Braxton was able to pick up cues that print was an issue for them and he quickly decided to let Print Partner / Green Office Partner know.

Since we had previously assigned Matt to be the sales rep who works with Reliable IT, all Braxton had to do was register the opportunity by sending a quick email to Matt saying “we have another lead” and briefly explaining the lay O’ the land. Matt reached back out to Braxton to get more details and then they arranged to make the introduction. Braxton sent out an introductory email and off they went!

Matt was able to quickly establish a relationship with the customer, do a deep dive into their current environment and requirements as well as getting an understanding of what their current agreement with their print vendor looked like. Matt was able to really slice/dice the numbers to show them exactly how much they were spending on print (which they agreed was the right number) and then he proposed a solution to buy out the rest of their current print agreement and replace it with all brand new equpiment, for a lower monthly spend than they were currently spending. Once signed, we flew out, arrived onsite to install/configure and then train on brand new equipment.

Bottom line: We clearly blew this customer’s mind about what a relationship with a managed print services vendor could look like. They got all brand new equipment that better suited their needs for a lower monthly spend. Reliable IT was able to benefit from having their customer get great advice about print, enjoy our collaboration with support and client print inquiries. Also, there is the lovely aspect of being financially rewarded for making the connection!

Thank you, Braxton and Reliable IT, for being an excellent partner! We can clearly see the great value you offer your customers and know that you are critical to their success. 🚀