Print Partner - Referral Partner Agreement

Non-Compete Agreement

Partner name:  will be referred to as “Partner” throughout.

Print Partner is focused on providing Managed Print Services and Document Workflow Services to businesses. As such, Print Partner agrees that over a 100-year term, we will not engage in competing services provided by our MSP Referral partner, “Partner”, apart from managed print services and document workflow solutions.

Specifically, Print Partner will not engage any of “Partner’s” clients with any of the services that they provide including but not limited to: Managed Services, VoIP services, technology consulting, cloud infrastructure and any other services that fall outside of the scope of Managed Print and Document Workflow Solutions.


Commissions are structured and paid out as follows:


Commission Type

When is it paid?


For every introduction that results in a meeting with a prospective customer, regardless of outcome

Immediately after meeting (virtual or in-person) takes place


For every standalone A3 (11x17) copier placed at the client location resulting from the introduction

By the fifteenth of the following month with receipt of a signed delivery and acceptance form.


Annual commission paid out for the contracted value of page allotments

Paid annually, once per year in January. This payment continues for the duration of the client relationship. During the first year, a pro-rated annual amount will be paid. 

Who are we allowed to discuss commissions with at your company?     

Payment for commissions

What is the name of the entity/person to receive commission checks?
Leaving the above field blank will result in all commissions being paid out to the individual signing this agreement.

A form W-9 will be sent to the payee to fill out and return so we can properly account for commission activity totaling over $600 per year. A MISC-1099 will be sent at the beginning of each year for the previous year’s activity.

Please check this box to acknowledge that you will not receive any commission without a form W-9 being sent over: W9 Acknowledgement


If you desire, you can upload your form W-9 here to get it out of the way:


We know that this relationship works only when you have clients that are ready to talk about print. This might not happen for months in some cases.

The worst thing that can happen to our partner relationship would be for us to forget about each other and miss out on opportunities... Out of sight, out of mind.

That said, Print Partner would like to be able to send you an email message once or twice per month to just ping you and let you know we are in the wings, ready whenever you are. We will not spam you, promise 🤗


With regards to the terms as presented above, Print Partner and “Partner” are in agreement:


Printed Name




Print Partner

Mitch Kranitz

MSP Channel Manager





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Signed by Mitch Kranitz
Signed On: February 24, 2021

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