Thank you for registering an opportunity with us!

You should expect to hear back from us within one business day, here’s what happens next:

If this is the first deal you have submitted to us, we will assign a sales rep to your MSP.

We will review the details you provided and lightly research the company you will be introducing us to. Your sales rep will reach out to you to briefly discuss the opportunity and then determine how the introduction will be made.

From there, once the company has agreed to meet with us, we will send you the intro commission via Amazon and our sales rep will take the opportunity to it’s logical conclusion: Win or lose.

Either way, your rep will keep you posted on how things are going. Hopefully we will win the deal and you’ll get notified about any future commission you will be receiving for the deal!

“Our goal is to help your MSP add significant passive revenue, kick out other managed print vendors from your client base that might be trying to sell MSP services, streamline print support, and to reduce your client’s print spend. These are the same benefits I enjoyed for ten years while running my own MSP before joining Print Partner.”

– Mitch Kranitz, MSP Channel Manager