Why Your Auto Dealership Clients Should Work with a Managed Print Services Provider

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In the competitive world of auto dealerships, every aspect of the business plays a crucial role in maintaining a razor-sharp competitive edge. 

For MSPs that work with dealerships, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

The costs of running dealerships are steep, making budgets tight.

“The average profit margin for car dealerships is relatively low, mostly because of the costs associated with running a dealership,” writes Amit Gupta, digital marketer for DrFranchises. “It’s worth noting that about 90% of the total cost is for the costs of the cars only. Other expenses will largely lower this profit margin even more.”

To offset inventory-related expenses, your dealership clients will jump at any opportunity to reduce spending.

And one often overlooked expense is their printing and document workflow.

The efficient and secure handling of documents, from sales contracts to marketing materials, is vital for streamlined operations. That’s why Managed Print Services (MPS) and Document Solutions are recommended for any multi-location automotive group.

Print Partner is the trusted partner to hundreds of MSPs across the United States and Canada. We provide top-shelf print services, digital transformation, robotic process automation, and document management consulting for your clients.

Our parent company, Green Office Partner, specializes in working with automotive clients and we have hundreds of auto dealerships as clients across the country - we know the industry, and we want to provide your clients with our award-winning service and solutions suite.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why auto dealership clients can greatly benefit from partnering with a managed print services provider.   

1. Multi-Location and Cross-Border Dealership Strategies

Handling the print of a single dealership can be complicated in its own right.

Any business that handles large transactions is bound to have hefty stacks of paperwork, and dealerships are no exception.

Every vehicle that leaves the lot requires a transfer of title, sales documents, and financing documents. And that’s on top of internal financial documentation for audits, promotional sales materials, and much, much more.

And if your client owns 5, 10, or 100 dealership locations? Forget about it!

Multi-location automotive groups need a trustworthy, qualified partner to handle their technology and workflow needs - trained field experts with a birds-eye view of their entire technology fleet.

They also need a national provider of managed print services.

Without MPS, your automotive clients won’t get it right.

Dealership staff are strapped for time. Salespeople are always on the floor talking to clients. Finance and clerical staff are busy processing the heaps of paperwork that come with every car that leaves the lot. They don’t have time to consider their dealership’s printing situation, let alone coordinate their technology fleet with other sites.

2. Compliance and Sustainability

Cars are complicated. If left unregulated, they could threaten the environment and individual drivers’ and pedestrians’ safety. And because they are such expensive purchases, unsuspecting customers could get roped into unreasonable contracts if left unchecked.

For these reasons, auto dealerships are under heavy scrutiny at all times. Failure to comply with regulations can result in irreparable damage to a dealership.

From legal action to hefty fines to loss of credibility, the consequences of noncompliance can destroy a business.

To avoid these issues, automotive groups often go to great lengths to stay ahead of their audits.

By using advanced document workflow solutions, dealerships can ensure they are always in line with industry standards. And standardizing workflows across a multi-site automotive group ensures corporate mandates can be easily enforced.

When all documents are cleanly digitized and organized, audits will be fast, easy, and stress-free for dealerships.

3. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Maintaining compliance and sustainability measures across a multi-location, multi-state organization is a heavy burden.

Dealerships are strapped for time and resources, and dedicating hours of clerical work to keep up with the ever-changing regulations of the industry is taxing.

That’s why document solutions like robotic process automation (RPA) can be a massive boon for dealerships!

RPA handles the mindless, time-eating, busy work that regulations and audits require, allowing dealerships to focus less on their processes and devote more time to running their business.

Automation also eliminates room for clerical errors, making it easier for dealerships to stay one step ahead of their industry standards.

Thanks to the hours RPA solutions can save, dealerships can save countless dollars on labor and manpower, freeing up resources to invest in profit-generating tasks like sales and marketing.

Print Partner and Auto Dealership Clients

If your MSP works with multi-site auto dealership clients, managed print services and document solutions are a slam-dunk for them.

Referring your automotive client to an MPS provider can save them time, money, and resources. From simplifying and automating their processes to ensuring compliance and sustainability goals are met, dealerships will get their money’s worth from a solid print vendor.

And if you are looking for a quality vendor to refer them to, look no further than Print Partner.

Our parent company, Green Office Partner, specializes in providing top-shelf services to automotive groups, with hundreds of dealership sites under our management.

“We can focus more on IT issues, user needs, and application solutions now that Green Office Partner has reduced our costs and is managing our printer fleet,” says Paul Fedel, Divisional IT Director of a national auto dealership fleet, Fletcher Jones. 

When you refer dealerships to us, not only will you be helping them, you’ll also be helping your MSP.

We are the only national print services provider wholly aligned with the needs and goals of MSPs across the United States and Canada.

We provide our MPS partners with the following benefits:

  • Collaboration: We work with you to provide high-quality print device support.
  • Protection: We protect your clients from print vendors that sell MSP services.
  • Commission: We pay you at least $250 per referral, $1,000 per copier sold, and 5% on your client’s lifetime print allotment.

If you want to enhance your automotive clients’ service experience while creating additional revenue for your MSP, consider partnering with us, a Print Partner you can trust.

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