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When choosing a managed print services provider to partner with, you must know what kind of support to expect. When copiers have connectivity issues, equipment malfunctions, or won’t print, you need to know that someone has your client’s back.

Here at Print Partner, we aim to make your print experience (and your client’s print experience) as smooth as possible.

We understand that MSPs like yours are loaded with high-level IT projects; the last thing you want to deal with is print. 

Our job is to take the burden of print off of your shoulders.

We’ll explain how our parent company, Green Office Partner, collaborates with your MSP to ensure that your clients’ print and IT services are in perfect harmony.

Remote Support

When your customer has an issue with their copier or printer that requires support, the beginning of the solution process depends on who they call first.

Your customer has two options. First, they can contact Green Office Partner. Every copier and printer we sell includes a handy little sticker that lists the phone number for our support team, (877) 467-5999, along with our support email,

On occasion, there may be issues that will require us to collaborate with your MSP. For example, if a copier won’t connect to your client’s network, the solution may need your IT expertise paired with our equipment knowledge. In cases like this, we will call your MSP’s support team directly and work with you to fix the problem.

While the thought of your customers calling us first is nice, we all know your customers are far more likely to contact their MSP before anyone else! Since you are their trusted technology advisor, you’ll usually get the first call, even if we tell them to call us first.

Your team is more than welcome to spend 5-15 minutes resolving the issue. Because your MSP has the “keys to the castle” regarding usernames, passwords, and network topology, your MSP can sometimes knock out the problem much faster than we could.

But in the case where your team is not able to resolve the issue quickly, and it’s clear the problem has something to do with the print device, don’t drag your phone support through the muck: have them email our support team and include the following information:

  • Subject: MSP support request for [Customer name]

  • Customer business name

  • Customer contact name

  • Customer contact phone number

  • Customer contact email address

  • Device make/model/serial if known

  • Description of issue

  • Troubleshooting performed to date and any pointers on where to pick up

  • Name and contact info for the person at the MSP requesting support (in case Green Office Partner's support team needs to reach out to you directly on the request)

If the issue is more urgent, please have your team call us directly at (877) 467-5999 so that we can start troubleshooting right away. You know the saying - don’t email the fire department if your house is on fire.

Once your team connects with ours, Green Office Partner’s support team takes full ownership of the issue. We call our shared customer and troubleshoot the problem to resolution.

If Green Office Partner needs to collaborate with your MSP for any reason, our support team will contact you directly.

No more calls back and forth between our company and your MSP for your customer!

Coordinating Further Print Support

Unfortunately, not all issues can be resolved via phone and email.

With more demanding repairs, your client may need a technician to visit them onsite for in-depth troubleshooting and parts replacement.

When a visit is required, Green Office Partner submits a service ticket on behalf of your customer to the printer manufacturer, whether it be Xerox, HP, or someone else.

Once we submit the ticket, the manufacturer will usually reach out to your customer via phone call.

To fulfill the work request promptly, your client must respond to this phone call as soon as possible. Many print manufacturers will not send onsite technicians until they speak directly with the customer about the issues they are experiencing.

Clients will sometimes ignore this phone call, leading to delays in service and closed service tickets due to a lack of response.

Green Office Partner will follow up with your client daily until the service is complete. If more than a day goes by without the order's completion, we will escalate the request. 

Green Office Partner is your customer’s advocate in dealing with the manufacturer.

However, if the client continues ignoring Xerox’s calls, this can lead to delays outside our control.

Once the manufacturer connects with our shared customer, the manufacturer will schedule a technician to visit the client.

Onsite Visits

Once the manufacturer speaks with the client, a 4-to-24-hour service-level agreement (SLA) kicks in to get someone onsite with replacement parts to repair the product.

If a last-minute schedule change is required, the customer should call the assigned technician to coordinate any last-minute changes.

Once the technician is onsite, they will troubleshoot and replace parts if needed.

Depending on the project's complexity, the service can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

Follow-ups, Part Orders, and Future Repairs

Sometimes, one visit may not be enough, and a follow-up may be required. The manufacturer will coordinate service directly with the customer if a follow-up visit is needed.

After the visit, Green Office Partner will reach out to your client to ensure that Xerox or HP completed quality service and that they resolved the issue to your client's satisfaction. 

We use this call to gather feedback that we can use to manage our service key performance indicators (KPI). We also relay feedback to HP or Xerox to improve quality in the future.

The Print Service Partnership

Dealing with an enormous print manufacturer like Xerox or HP can be a hassle, and there’s no way around it. These companies have millions of users worldwide, and sometimes things fall through the cracks.

When working with these mega-corporations, you want Print Partner and Green Office Partner in your client’s corner. We hold our manufacturer partners accountable and proactively manage service requests to ensure all parties are satisfied.

“We offer the major manufacturer experience without the major manufacturer hassle,” says Green Office Partner CIO and Former MSP Owner Deandre Hodo. “We are going to be your advocate. We will do whatever we can to get you operational.”

If you want a reliable advocate that will triage print support with you, your clients, and significant print manufacturers, partner with us, a Print Partner you can trust.

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