Print Partner is Expanding to Canada!

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To our friends up north, we have some very exciting news to share with you: Print Partner is expanding our referral program to Canada!

Effective immediately, Print Partner will be accepting referrals for Canadian clients from our MSP partners.

This is something that our partners have been asking from us for years. And so, we're thrilled to finally be meeting Canada’s market demand.

If your MSP operates in Canada, and you have any clients that need print service, you can start referring them to us, regardless of their size or region - if they are in Canada and/or the United States, we can service them.

In this article, we’ll go over how our referral program works for Canadian referrals - what’s different, and what’s the same between our US and Canadian referral processes.

How to Become a Canadian MSP Referral Partner

Becoming a Canadian referral partner with Print Partner is as easy as it is in the United States.

Just like US-based MSPs, you’ll visit ourJoinpage, enter your information, and start sending referrals our way! Easy-peasy.

We know that some of our partners, like us, operate in the US and Canada. If you are already registered as a referral partner with Print Partner, no further action is required. We don’t need you to register for a separate program for Canadian referrals - just submit them like you always have!

How to Refer Canadian Clients to Us

If you have any Canadian clients to refer to us, fantastic! We will be happy to work with them and discover how we can help meet their printing needs with our parent company, Green Office Partner.

You’ll simply go through our ‘Submit a Referral Page’ to include deals from Canada - the same as you would with US referrals.

Once a deal has been submitted, we will proceed as we normally would with US-based referrals. One of our representatives will reach out to your MSP to discuss how we'd like to proceed with the introduction process. For more information, read: How to Make Introductions to Print Partner

For clients that have the capacity to spend $500 or more with us monthly, we offer the same as you would as you would with US referrals.

At the time of publishing this article, we will begin accepting clients from all provinces of Canada. So if some or all of your MSP’s clients are within Canada’s borders, send them our way!

Canadian Referral Compensation Structure

When you refer Canadian clients to us, we offer the same generous compensation structure to pay you for. Just refer to the commission structure listed on the 'Join Now' page to get familiar.

For Canadian MSP, the payout will be the CAD equivalent of the USD value.

Print Partner and Servicing Canada

Entering Canada’s tech space has been an exciting endeavor for our team, and we can’t wait to see what kind of opportunities our friends up north will bring us.

We know many MSPs who have been waiting for this change, and we’re excited to meet the growing demands for Green Office Partner’s managed print services.

Print Partner remains the only managed print partner that is wholly aligned with the needs of MSPs across the US. And now, we will be the only print provider aligned with Canadian MSPs as well!

If you are a Canadian MSP who has been waiting for us to service your country’s clients, click here to register as one of our referral partners. And if you are an existing partner with Canadian clients in the wing, register new deals here!

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