No More Minimums! Print Partner's Xerox Direct Program Explained

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Attention all MSP partners: Effective immediately, we are eliminating the $500 minimum we implemented earlier this year. That’s right - we will be accepting prospects of all sizes that you send our way.

We don’t want you stressing over finding multiple print vendors - one for each size of customer you have! With this change, you can rely on Print Partner to handle your entire client base.

After workshopping solutions to meet both our internal business needs and our MSP partners’ needs, we’ve developed a new program that we can once again accept all of your print referrals, regardless of their size and print spend - the Xerox Direct Program.

This will be a modified version of our standard referral program that we offer to clients that spend under $500 per month on print, with an adjusted service and compensation structure, which will allow us to remain competitive. 

This article will cover the details of our Xerox Direct Program - how it works, how it’s different from the standard Print Partner program, and how you can resume registering deals regardless of size.

Why Do We Need a Separate Program?

Green Office Partner’s value proposition is to offer the major manufacturer experience without the major manufacturer hassle.

Thanks to the efforts of our stellar service team, we are able to offer a white-gloved, boutique print experience to our clients - the same level of care as your friendly local print shop.

And thanks to our national reach and our partnerships with print enterprises like Xerox and HP, we’ve been able to provide the resources that rival the titans of the managed print industry.

This is why our company has been successful - big company resources with small company flexibility. The best of both worlds!

However, in order to provide the level of quality service we pride ourselves on, it costs us significant time and resources.

Managing print at our level is no easy task, which is why we can’t reasonably offer this same level of service to companies that can’t pay for it. Not to mention, we cannot offer MSPs the same commission structure and be remotely competitive on smaller opportunities.

Clients with multiple locations that spend more than $500 per month are our target market. These are the clients that require robust printing infrastructures with hands-on service and expertise to support them

However, thanks to our partnership with Xerox, we can take care of these smaller opportunities with our Xerox Direct Program.

When you refer a client to us that does not have the potential to spend $500 per month, your sales rep will discuss the opportunity with you and advise that it qualifies for the Xerox Direct program. With your consent, we will then pursue the opportunity as usual. 

What’s the Difference?

Here are the main differences between the Xerox Direct Program and our standard referral program:

  • No introduction commission.
  • We pay you a $500 commission per A3 (11 x 17) device instead of $1,000.
  • These opportunities don’t get factored into your 5% annual service revenue commission
  • All service, support, and replenishment will be handled directly by Xerox. We will not directly be handling support for these opportunities.

Additionally, we’ve added a $100 commission per A4 device in the Xerox Direct program, as well as to our regular program.

These changes have everything to do with the overall profitability and, perhaps more importantly, the ability to provide value when quoting out a deal for your customer. 

You don’t want to introduce them to us and then hear feedback from your client that “They were super nice, but their pricing was way too high.” These changes help us remain competitive.

In our standard program, our support team triages the support requests, and then when it comes time to go onsite, we engage Xerox directly. As for replenishment, Xerox is already handling that, but we monitor and manage that on the customer’s behalf.

In the Xerox Direct Program, we will still advise on the best products for your customers, do an onsite installation if requested, and manage the account.

Print Partner’s Commitment to Our Partners

Our goal with implementing this program is to find a happy middle ground between our company, our clients, and our MSP partners. And we feel that this new program will provide the best outcome for all parties.

With our Xerox Direct Program, Print Partner can serve the MSP community as your one-stop shop for a preferred print partner.

So consider partnering with us, a Print Partner you can trust.

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