5 Reasons Xerox is a Top Choice for National Accounts

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When thinking about printing and copying companies, what is the first name that comes to mind? For most, the answer is easy: Xerox!

Xerox has been a leader in the print world for the last half-century, consistently placing as a Fortune 500 company and household name worldwide.

Their market dominance is so evident that “Xerox” is commonly used as a synonym for “copying” (Example: Can you Xerox that document for me?)

At this point, you may be asking yourself, what’s so great about Xerox?

Print Partner’s parent company, Green Office Partner, has partnered with Xerox for years, selling its hardware and triaging repair services. We know the value of Xerox from personal experience, which is why we trust Xerox products with our clients.

Xerox’s diverse product portfolio, paired with its global network of technicians, makes Xerox an excellent fit for large, national accounts with multiple locations.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons Xerox is a top print manufacturer for your multi-site clients to work with and the many ways they provide value.

1. Hardware Selection

Regarding printing hardware, Xerox is unmatched in its product variety.

For a complete catalog of our Xerox products, see Green Office Partner’s Xerox product page.

Are you looking for a copier for a small operation? Check out the Xerox VersaLink C600 Series, a machine built for teams of 10-20 users and prints up to 15k pages per month.

What about a large corporation with a hefty workload? Xerox has products like the Xerox IGEN 5 Press, a copier built to print up to one million pages per month!

Xerox's comprehensive product variety allows them to meet your client's print needs regardless of business size and scale.

Xerox’s hardware is also universally praised among print industry experts. Here are a few of the thousands of positive reviews for Xerox products:

2. Xerox ConnectKey Multifunction

Multifunction copiers are much more than the printing and faxing machines of old. Modern multifunctional copiers are closer to today’s computers and smartphones than traditional printers. 

Your clients should handle their copier software with the same level of attention as the rest of their office technology.

This brings us to another reason Xerox copiers are a top choice: Xerox ConnectKey!

ConnectKey is the software system installed on Xerox machines that takes your copier to the next level.

“It’s today’s smart workplace assistant that doesn’t just copy, scan, fax, or print, but also translates, shares, and creates electronic documents with just a few easy taps on the screen,” says Xerox.

ConnectKey utilizes apps to streamline clients’ operations, with the ability to access cloud storage files right from the copier. Apps can be handy for clients who print documents from many different sources.

ConnectKey also allows users to sync smartphones to the machines and print them out from their phones.

With ConnectKey, Xerox products are adaptable and easy to use for national clients looking to standardize print across locations of varying sizes.

3. Xerox ConnectKey Security

Office copiers are sophisticated machines that store and transfer sensitive information throughout the workday.

Leaking information could spell disaster for your client. A hospital leaking medical records or an accounting firm revealing a client’s investment portfolio could lead to lawsuits, loss of credibility, and financial ruin.

Multifunction copiers connect to a client's private business network, and their software security should be handled with the same level of scrutiny as the rest of their office technology.

Security should be a priority to anyone shopping for copiers, which happens to be another area in which Xerox excels.

ConnectKey has a great selection of fancy apps and tools, sure. But with great power comes great responsibility. 

Thankfully, ConnectKey has the security to back up its power, with a keen focus on protecting your clients’ data from being compromised.

Xerox shares the following statistics in its informational video about ConnectKey Security:

  • 62% of IT security professionals are not confident they can protect printer data. (Source: Ponemon Institute)
  • 60% believe a network-connected printer data breach has happened at their organization. (Source: Ponemon Institute)

ConnectKey puts several security checks in place to protect data, including passwords, encryption, and preventing unauthorized data onto the machine.

Your clients can customize Xerox's security measures. For example, employees can set documents to hold off printing until they physically stand in front of the machine, ensuring that unauthorized users cannot access private documents.

For example, Single Sign On (SSO) allows users to conveniently and securely log on to a machine and access their documents without remembering long, clunky passwords.

With its focus on utility and security, ConnectKey earns its spot as a staple piece of the modern-day copier.

4. Toner Cartridge Replenishment

One of Xerox’s most appealing perks is its automatic toner replenishment.

Clients are busy running their businesses, and small things like refilling copiers with toner are easy to forget.

Xerox’s Auto Supplies Replenishment (ASR) program streamlines the replenishment process. The Xerox device tracks the copier usage each month and can determine when clients are running low on necessary print supplies.

When the timing is appropriate, Xerox automatically sends replacement toner to avoid catching clients off-guard when supplies run short.

Printer emergencies are no joke - projects are delayed, deals fall through, and relationships are severed when documents become unavailable to print. 

5. Repair Service

We hate to break it to you, but sometimes, printers stop working!

We will always do our best to troubleshoot with you and your clients via phone and email. But sometimes, the repairs can be a taller order, and the client will need more than remote support.

When your client needs repairs for their copier, our parent company, Green Office Partner, works alongside Xerox to service your clients.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Green Office Partner submits a service request to Xerox on behalf of your client.
  2. Xerox follows up with your client to further troubleshoot and schedule a service visit if necessary.
  3. A Xerox technician visits your client’s site with replacement parts in-hand within 4-24 hours.

For a deeper understanding of our support process, read: How Print Partner Handles Your Client’s Support Requests.

Return visits may sometimes be required if specific replacement parts are on backorder. But usually, a service takes about an hour or two to complete.

Xerox is a global print company with resources spread across the United States and 100+ other countries. Buying a Xerox copier or printer gives your clients access to a worldwide network of technicians capable of servicing them regardless of location.

An extensive service network is crucial for national clients with multiple locations. Your clients will have smooth, easy repairs with technicians spread throughout the country and backed by a nationwide network of replacement parts.

Partnering with Print Partner and Xerox

Xerox products are an excellent fit for businesses requiring a sophisticated print workflow.

Between Xerox’s variety of products, app software, high-tech security measures, consistent toner replenishment, and 4-24 hour guaranteed repair service, it’s easy to see why Xerox has a firm grasp on the print market.

Our parent company, Green Office Partner, has worked with Xerox for years, and we understand what makes them successful.

When working with Green Office Partner, your client receives a white-glove service that’s hand-tailored to their needs, and we have the resources of large companies like Xerox to back us up. A small-business treatment with big-business resources: the best of both worlds.

If you are interested in how, with the help of Xerox, Print Partner and Green Office Partner can help your MSP’s clients receive the top-shelf print service they deserve, consider partnering with us, a Print Partner you can trust.

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